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The Boys

Ch Driftwood's Love in Spades    "Poker"

Poker is a black wavy dog with a great temperament.  He has an impressive head with broad skull and muzzle.  He has great bone and a deep chest.  Poker has produced puppies with beautiful heads, temperaments, and solid structure. 

In addition to Poker's Championship in conformation, he also has his Companion Dog (CD), Rally Excellent (RE), Master Agility (MX), Excellent Jumpers (AXJ), Master Agility Preferred (MXP), and Master Jumpers Preferred (MJP).  He earned his bronze Register of Merit (BROM) award from the PWDCA. 

Poker  retired from the performance venues but still enjoyed his evening walks and cuddling on any lap until December 5, 2017, when he lost his short battle with cancer.  We miss him dearly but he lived such a great life and taught us so much.

GCHB Ch Driftwood's I Have a Dream  "Marty"

Marty is our curly boy from Driftwood Kennels.  He is a high-drive guy that loves to please you.  He is a sound mover with amazing balance and a beautiful head.  Marty was a Top 5 Portuguese Water Dog in 2010, a multiple group winner and multiple Best in Specialty winner.  Most importantly, he is a wonderful companion who is living with Susie and Ryne in retirement, and loving being a dog.

GCHB Ch Driftwood's You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet   "Dusty"

  Dusty is a black and white curly dog.  He is a moderate dog with proper head and nice muzzle fill.  He is very balanced from shoulders to rear.  Dusty has smooth, sound movement with a solid top-line and beautiful tail carriage.  He has a great temperament that he passes on to his babies.  Dusty is also a consistent producer of puppies with nice fronts, rears, and heads.  

Dusty has earned his Championship and  Grand Championship in the conformation venues.  In addition to that, he has earned titles as a Companion Dog (CD), Beginner Novice Obedience (BN), Rally Novice (RN), Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) and Novice Jumpers Preferred (NJP).  He has also been awarded an Award of Merit (AOM) and earned his bronze Register of Merit (BROM) from the PWDCA.

Dusty is retired from performance  competition but still maintains a high level of energy and loves his daily walks.

Ch Blueline's Harold of the Abby  "Chance"

Chance is one of the beautiful boys from our Dusty x Camille litter.  He finished his championship with multiple breed wins over specials at the age of 15 months.   He is a happy go-lucky kid with energy to abound.  He is a muscular strong solid dog with a beautiful head who has turned into a great producer.  

Ch Blueline's From the Holy  River       "Conway"

Conway is our black boy from the Balooga x Lotter litter.  He finished his championship with limited showing at the age of two.  Conway is a happy, energetic boy with a need to please and  is now going to spend some time in the rally and obedience rings while he grows up to become a special.  We look forward to seeing how this young dog grows.

Blueline's Never Resist an Impulse   "Linus"

Linus is our special boy from frozen Pinehaven's Casablanca "Bogey" semen.  He and Camille produced 3 beautiful and healthy puppies.  

Linus is old school, with sound movement and impressive substance.  He loves his people and does his job.  He is a black and white wavy boy


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